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Managing Foreign Operations and Currency Translation

When a multinational corporation based in the United States owns over 50 percent of a foreign entity, the American parent company is typically required to provide consolidated financial statements. This can be a complex process, and this CFO Edge article… … Continue reading

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Equity Financing: Partnering with an Angel Investor

High-growth companies and start-ups frequently seek equity investors to fund activity needed to reach aggressive business objectives.  This CFO Edge article… Equity Financing: Partnering with an Angel Investor …reviews the process of finding and partnering with an angel investor. It … Continue reading

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Internal Fraud: A Proactive Stance Reduces the Allure and Risks

There are a myriad of ways an employee can steal from an employer ranging from getting a payment issued for a fraudulent purpose to misuse of corporate credit cards to theft of on-book cash. This CFO Edge article… Internal Fraud: … Continue reading

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Risk Management Takes a High Profile in Corporate Governance Today

Corporate governance has been a subject of increasing interest and concern over the past decade as a result of financial bubbles and scandals that have rocked the corporate world, and most recently resulted in a global financial and economic crisis. … Continue reading

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Data Security and Outsource Service Providers

Contracting with outsource business services partners frequently brings with it the need to share highly confidential and proprietary data. This CFO Edge article… Data Security and Outsource Service Providers …looks at best data security practices that should characterize the working … Continue reading

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