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Planning a Business Exit – White Paper

Los Angeles business owners contemplating a business sale do not have to wait until the economy improves to achieve premium sale prices for their companies. On the contrary, many companies are in an acquisition mode right now. Strong companies with … Continue reading

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The New Family Office: Affordable Wealth Management

A family office is defined as a private company that oversees the fiscal well-being of a single family. As a business run by and for a single family, the family office operates by centralizing the management of a single family’s … Continue reading

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Cutting Business Expenses Through Unconventional Methods

In these challenging economic times, many companies are looking for ways to reduce expenditures. This CFO Edge article… Cutting Business Expenses Through Unconventional Methods …suggests some outside-the-box ways to streamline operations and reduce expenditures. While the first instinct for struggling businesses … Continue reading

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Restructuring and Rightsizing: A Proactive Approach to a Management Challenge

Organizational change strategies such as rightsizing and restructuring are designed to transform companies into more efficient, more agile and more customer-driven organizations. These processes have both short-term and long-term consequences, and this article… Restructuring and Rightsizing: A Proactive Approach to … Continue reading

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Contract Negotiation

Negotiating contracts can be stressful, even for the most seasoned negotiator. For those new to the process it can be daunting. This CFO Edge article… Contract Negotiation …provides an overview of the contract negotiation process and suggests eight guidelines for … Continue reading

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