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Performance Measurement: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key performance indicators are measurements that quantify objectives, thus making it possible to assess performance and gauge success. While critical success factors (addressed in the first article) are defined specifically as activities or elements, KPIs are measurements that support critical … Continue reading

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6 tips for getting maximum ROI from your time

The New Year brings with it a host of tasks: tax planning, financial reporting, contract renewals, HR assessments, staffing evaluations, investment decisions, and strategic and financial planning for the year ahead. All too often those vows to work out more … Continue reading

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Performance Measurement: Understanding Critical Success Factors

Strategic planning and performance management are of significant importance to the survival of today’s businesses. From small businesses to multinational, Fortune 500 companies, these factors are critical to their operational success. This article introduces a series that will outline a … Continue reading

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Ensuring Orderly Period-End Closing Procedures

For the purposes of maintaining control over internal accounts and safeguarding long-term accounting consistency, it is integral to create efficient period-end closing procedures. Though these systems can be complex, a well-planned set of internal controls can make the period-end close … Continue reading

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The Elusive 1%

Terms such as “millionaires,” “upper income earners,”  “top 1%,” “wealthiest Americans” and other expressions used to describe the well-heeled in this country have become very politicized. Pundits often conflate income and net worth when talking about wealth distribution, and it is not … Continue reading

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Streamlining AR and AP Management Systems

One of the most challenging aspects of managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable is ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. A well-organized approval system can expedite processes, thereby diminishing the likelihood of delays and other associated problems. This CFO … Continue reading

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Stress Test Your Business Model

In some industries, stress testing is now mandated and is becoming formalized. In 2012 the Federal Reserve Board is requiring 31 U.S. bank holding companies with assets of more than $50 billion to submit capital plans and undergo stress testing … Continue reading

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