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The Importance of Budgeting-to-Plan – Instead of Planning-to-Budget

The current Congressional budget and deficit showdown is informative for business leaders in that it illustrates something important that is often overlooked: the reason why our federal government is so deep in debt in the first place. And that reason … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Resource for Audit Preparation?

Thorough audit preparation is essential to ensuring a positive audit outcome and keeping audit costs in line. The audit process involves a tremendous investment of resources in both money and time, and businesses frequently don’t undertake the kind of comprehensive … Continue reading

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What is Benchmarking – and Why Is It Important?

While many Los Angeles and Southern California executives measure company performance by monitoring key performance indicators (or KPIs), this is just a first step. Benchmarking is the process of comparing your business’ KPIs or other performance indicators to an objective … Continue reading

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How to Encourage Your Clients to Move Forward With an Engagement

You have probably seen it before: A client has pressing financial and operational challenges and knows they could benefit tremendously by bringing in an outsourced CFO services provider to help deal with them. But when it’s time to make the … Continue reading

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