Six Tips for Allocating Startup and Seed Capital

Six Tips for Allocating Startup and Seed CapitalWhen executives in Los Angeles and Southern California seek startup and seed capital for their ventures, receiving funds often marks the beginning of a number of challenges.

In spite of capital misallocation by a number of startups over the years, leaders of many new ventures continue to make common mistakes when it comes to determining the best way to spend their funds.

This article…

Six Tips for Allocating Startup and Seed Capital

…makes six suggestions to help leaders of startups make smart decisions around capital allocation. Areas addressed include financial discipline, executive team decision making, planning/budgeting, accountability, and objectivity.

Startup executives may be interested in talking with an outsourced CFO services professional who has a proven track record both as a CFO on a startup executive management team and as a financial advisor to successful startups.

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