What’s the Right HR Management Model for Your Business?

What’s the Right HR Management Model for Your Business?This week’s post and linked full article are by Howard Goldman, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

Human resources management frequently takes a back seat to other business functions that are seemingly more important, whether it is sales, marketing, operations or finances.

But neglecting HR management can increase risks that bring serious implications, and inadequate attention to HR issues can generate higher employee dissatisfaction.

This article…

What’s the Right HR Management Model for Your Business?

…opens with a review of potential negative impacts of poor HR management.

Also addressed are four HR management models including handling HR internally, using outside resources, contracting with an outsourced HR services provider, and engaging a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

The article concludes with a discussion of factors to be considered in selecting the right model for your organization.

Los Angeles and Southern California executives can benefit from talking with an outsourced CFO services provider regarding the assessment of potential risks and benefits of different HR management models.

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