How to Build a Winning Business Plan

How to Build a Winning Business PlanA comprehensive, cohesive and coherent business plan is a roadmap executives must have to get their businesses where they want them go in the future, and a look at how to build a winning business plan reveals a number of essential ingredients.

Business plans are not just for getting new companies off the ground: lenders and investors many times require a well-executed business plan before they will move forward in a funding process.

Searching the web for “writing a business plan” delivers millions and millions of results, so there are a number of approaches on how to create a business plan and what to include.

Reviewed in this article…

How to Build a Winning Business Plan

…are seven elements that should be included in any solid business plan.

Areas addressed include the financial plan, mission, history, market analysis, and more.

Los Angeles and Southern California executives interested in creating or updating their business plans can benefit from talking with an outsourced CFO services professional with business plan experience – both in creating business plans as part of a management team, as well as in reviewing business plans from an investor perspective.

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