The Importance of Establishing an Email Retention Policy

The Importance of Establishing an Email Retention PolicyThis week’s post and full article are by William K. Thorpe, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

Along with many Los Angeles and Southern California executives seeing the large number of emails in their inboxes as a productivity challenge comes the challenge and importance of establishing an email retention policy.

Email retention policies dictate how and for how long emails will be stored on company servers, and the massive quantities of emails and accompanying needs for regulatory compliance, security, and increased storage space drive a search for the right balance.

Reviewed in this article…

The Importance of Establishing an Email Retention Policy

… are regulatory requirements related to taxes, liability, and privacy; segmentation by type of correspondence; and alignment with broader document retention policies.

Executives interested in finding that correct balance between deleting and storing emails can benefit from talking with a provider of CFO services who is experienced in designing and implementing email retention policies that comply with both broad and industry-specific regulatory requirements.

Doing so is a critical element of corporate governance and risk mitigation, as well as a means to reduce the costs of storing and managing emails that do not need to be retained.

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