Six Tips for Communicating with Non-Financial Executives

Six Tips for Communicating with Non-Financial ExecutivesThis week’s post and linked full article are by Sherry Rahbar, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

Finance leaders sometimes face challenges in communicating with non-financial executives who don’t understand complex financial statements and spreadsheets.

Contrasted with the natural abilities and enjoyment financial professionals apply in analyzing and reporting on data, not all executives are “numbers people.” It is important to convey financial data so that it is easy to understand and able to be leveraged to improve the financial and operational positions of the company.

This week’s article…

Six Tips for Communicating with Non-Financial Executives

…presents recommendations in the areas of visual data presentation, openness to learning, passion, people skills, marketing skills, and time management skills.

With executives looking for more than just numbers, it is critical for finance leaders to excel in the soft skills of presenting, communicating, and interacting effectively.

Finance leaders looking at ways to improve their financial communication with non-finance executives may be interested in talking with a provider of CFO services who can offer hands-on guidance in developing and applying these needed skill sets.

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