When Might Your Company Need CFO-Level Support?

When Might Your Company Need CFO-Level Support?This week’s post and linked full article are by Mark S. Becker, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

For Los Angeles and Southern California executives, the improving economy is driving fresh looks at growth strategies along with deliberations on when their companies might need CFO-level support.

Developing plans and launching initiatives aimed at growth can require higher-level financial expertise than may be present in the current financial staff.

Business leaders must decide if it’s the right time to bring in CFO-level support, as well as determine if they should hire their first full-time CFO or look at alternatives like bringing in a provider of outsourced CFO services on an as-needed basis.

Reviewed in this week’s article…

When Might Your Company Need CFO-Level Support?

…are challenges and potential negative impacts when growth outpaces financial staff skills, as well benefits of CFO-level support.

The decision on when to bring in CFO-level support – and whether to hire a full-time CFO or bring in an on-demand CFO services professional – will depend on a number of factors and vary from company to company.

You may be interested in our complimentary white paper that looks at factors to consider when deciding when CFO-level support is needed:

CFO or Controller: What’s Right for Your Business?

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