Challenges Business Owners Face in Raising Equity Funds

Challenges Business Owners Face in Raising Equity FundsThis week’s post and linked full PDF are by Mark S. Becker, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

Faced with needs for cash infusions to grow their businesses and having primary options of debt or equity, Los Angeles and Southern California business owners can face greater challenges in raising equity funds.

While it’s fairly straightforward to obtain business loans, more specialized expertise is required in raising equity funds.

Discussed in this week’s article…

Challenges Business Owners Face in Raising Equity Funds

…are four areas of expertise needed to successfully raise equity funds, four risks when skillsets and experience are missing, and five ways executives can benefit from working with an on-demand CFO.

Without first-hand experience and expertise in raising equity funds, owners and entrepreneurs are certain to encounter frustration and potentially fail to obtain needed funds.

An on-demand CFO services professional brings a proven track record of raising equity funds via both public offerings and private placements.

Working with a resource of this nature delivers terms advantageous to owners and entrepreneurs, as well promotes their full understanding of deal relationships, expectations, and impacts in both financial and operational areas.

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