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Start Preparing Now for New Revenue Recognition Standard

This week’s post and linked full PDF are by Howard Goldman, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC. While the effective dates have been delayed for the new FASB/IASB revenue recognition standard replacing industry-specific GAAP rules, Los Angeles and Southern California executives face … Continue reading

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Should You Consider Zero-Based Budgeting in 2016?

This week’s post and linked full PDF are by John W. Braine, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC. Needing to review cost management structures due to pressures to reduce costs and increase profitability, executives leading Los Angeles and Southern California companies are taking … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate Favorable Credit Terms from Vendors

This week’s summary and linked full PDF are by Mark S. Becker, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC. When favorable credit terms have not been negotiated with vendors, negative impact can include poor cash flow, late delivery of critical raw materials, frustrated customers, and … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need to Make That Business Trip?

This week’s post and linked full PDF are by William K. Thorpe, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC. With air travel presenting challenges around time lost flying, reduced on-plane seating space, and security compliance, virtual meetings via teleconference are becoming a more attractive … Continue reading

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