The CFO as Your Company’s Risk Manager

The CFO as Your Company’s Risk ManagerThis week’s linked article is by Michael K. Menerey, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

As new companies move through the startup phase to become viable and growing operations, there can be a tendency to let one’s guard down or ease up.

But at any time, a variety of factors can arise and create challenges so significant that they can put continuing success at risk.

Discussed in this week’s full PDF…

The CFO as Your Company’s Risk Manager

…is how issues in HR, IT and more areas pose threats.

Having seen many of these issues first-hand, an on-demand CFO can act as a risk manager to plan for them.

Correct solutions go beyond just having insurance and are grounded in considering potential threats, evaluating alternatives, and generating plans to proactively mitigate risks.

Los Angeles and Southern California executives wanting to be prepared for factors that can negatively impact their growing businesses can benefit from talking with a provider of outsourced CFO services.

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