Growth Strategies: Is an M&A in Your Company’s Future?

Growth Strategies: Is an M&A in Your Company’s Future?This week’s article is by Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC.

While “M&A” and “mergers and acquisitions” bring to mind multibillion-dollar M&A deals, about two-thirds of disclosed M&A deals in 2016 were under $100 million and about one-fourth were under $10 million.

Given this high number of successful mid-market M&A transactions over the last year, Los Angeles and Southern California executives may be considering a merger or acquisition as a growth strategy.

Reviewed in this week’s full article…

Growth Strategies: Is an M&A in Your Company’s Future?

… is how determining if a transaction is a good fit requires weighing M&A pros and cons, assembling the right M&A advisory team and performing thorough due diligence.

Reviewed are three potential advantages and three potential drawbacks of M&A transactions, as well as examples of areas addressed during due diligence.

In addition to an M&A advisory team including an attorney, a CPA, a business broker and an investment banker, a provider of outsourced CFO services brings valuable M&A expertise.

Having participated on both the client and services sides of M&A transactions, an enterprise-grade CFO is skilled in providing comprehensive due diligence, identifying transaction strengths and areas of concern, and collaborating successfully with the executive and advisory teams.

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