Is a Joint Venture Right for Your Company?

Is a Joint Venture Right for Your Company?This week’s article is by John W. Braine, Partner, CFO Edge, LLC.

With economic optimism on the upswing, many executives are revisiting and launching growth initiatives like mergers, acquisitions and IPOs.

Another growth initiative worthy of consideration is a joint venture whereby two entities combine forces and work together toward shared business objectives.

Joint venture partners pool their strengths – such as expertise, resources, market access or R&D – and focus on a specific goal – such as market expansion, product development or a distribution channel.

Reviewed in this week’s full PDF…

Is a Joint Venture Right for Your Company?

…is how successful joint ventures must have the right partners and proactively address six potential drawbacks to realize six benefits.

Executives leading firms in Greater Los Angeles and Southern California can benefit from talking with a provider of on-demand CFO services.

A CFO partner brings a proven track record of determining the right joint venture partners, structuring agreements, developing joint venture plans, and implementing processes to monitor and manage performance compared to goals.

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